Tornado Oklahoma Report


Reports say at least two people were killed as tornadoes swept through Oklahoma on Monday morning. As they swept across the state the completely demolished everything in their way, homes, vehicles and stripping bark from the trees.

Officers in Garvin Country, believe a man in his 70’s died when the tornado hit his home.  Another report said a man was killed by another tornado near Connerville.

Not only that, but according to reports from the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management, the storms destroyed a radio station building and an undetermined number of homes.

The forecasters had declared a tornado emergency for several communities of Oklahoma, although many were spared from major damage.

Dana Lance, a hardworking woman, was on her way home from work when she heard the sirens kick and forecasters on the radio told people to hide. Luckily she found a school with a safe room. She said: ”There were kids and elderly people, dogs and cats, babies. It was like the whole town was there.”

Charles Webb, a citizen of the town Hugo, said he piled his dogs and cats in the laundry room while he crouched down and took cover. The storm drew in over his house and clipped trees, taking several homes with it. Just minutes after it had passed, Webb said he saw blue skies to internet magazine Inflatables Guide.

”We’re real lucky, but we’ve been lucky for a lot of years fortunately.”

In the hills between Oklahoma City and Dallas, the Highway Patrol closed down I-35 for 15 minutes as the storm passed by.

Jessica Randolph works as a cashier at the Love’s Travel Stop in Paul’s valley in Oklahoma. She said the tornado came so close to the shop that the people inside were ordered to seek cover.

”They put people in the showers. I was driving into town while it all happened and all I saw was just pea-sized hail” she said.

Luckily for Randolph, she’s used to having storms come by once in a while and wasn’t frightened by the experience.

Sandy Weyers, director at the Emergency Management Office said a homeowner didn’t make it in time back to his house. Which turned out to be a blessing, as he instead held onto a tree while his home was completely destroyed by the tornado.

There might come more storms this week the forecasters have reported, but it’s unlikely they will be life-threating. At best there will heavy rain and maybe some hail.



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